1735 I was shipped out still alive

And I was sold to hurtful ways of man.

They bound me hard with painful ropes,

No dignitiy, respect or hope,

Now I wait for death upon this stone.


And I knew my homeland was too far for my returning,

As I lay there in terror

Tell me what had I done wrong?

Pray don't walk away from me,

I beg you stop this misery,

I'm not your sacrifice, I was someone.


1735 I didn't get a human life,

I had no voice to yell out 'Help!', 'Stop!', 'No!'!

Are we then unworthy of

Your conscience, mercy and your love?

See the tears that roll down on this stone.....


I could speak of the horror in the backroads

and the alleys,

Of the screams and hot confusion

And the rivers of our blood.

Only the cruel think its fair game

To leave us here to die this way,

Suffering and heart broken, miles from home.


1735 my tearful face now in your mind,

I beg you spare my brothers from this hell.

La Roche Qui Pleure now cries for me,

Where slaves once shared our agony

And now my ghost will haunt you till your end.


We all know that the future holds a way out of the darkness,

Turn and read the moral pages,

Turn the wheel of truth again.

I know you've done this for years

But that doesn't justify my tears

Rolling, falling softly on this stone.


A photo tells my sad demise....

My name, forever.... 1735.

A time for change, look down deep inside,

Please don't turn away from me

I beg you stop this misery,

Where only human love can set us free....



Ships Of No Return

(Precious life, they breathe and they yearn;

help us stop the ships of no return)


 Have you seen the faces of fear,

Watching them pass as they go?

Innocent beings, crammed in confusion,

Far from the life they should know.

Is our attitude so cold?

I think it's time we let it go...


If I could, I'd make your escape, 

And together we would all run away,

Precious life, breathing and bright,

Our hearts are there by your side.


Big ships passing throughout the night,

Your last journey under the stars,

From Southern Cross then north to Orion,

The waves of the sea brought you far,

Far from paddocks and blue skies,

Where we can't hear your desperate cries.


If I could I'd make your escape

And togehter we could all run away,

Ships of death sailing into the west,

They can't go on, we cannot forget.


As we think, so we become,

Noble choices will make us strong,

and I know what you're doing is wrong.......


Saw you today, on your way to the wharf,

You didn't notice me there.....

Praying for you, knowing what lies ahead,

Neglected faces in the rain,

And my heart sank once again,

But we will rescue you some day...



I've a dream to plan your escape

and together we could end this today,

Market-place gain, dishonour and shame,

Lying on the floor where you're slain.


We can rise up and take you away 

From the malice of a merciless fate,

Precious life, breathing and bright,

We will continue to fight...


We will stand up for your rights,,,,,

With truth on our side,,,,,

We have your freedom in sight....



And the least of what you do to these,

You do unto me,

And the least of what you do to these,

You do unto me.

And the least of what you do to these,

You do unto me.