This website is a portal into my world of music, sound healing, poetry and living a life with kindness and wisdom. Enjoy and be happy.

Life is short. There are no guarantees. Therefore, live each moment mindfully, with care awareness and nurture the flowers in your heart.

Between each breath the moment of nothing is full of everything.

  I have been performing and writing songs for many years, running healing groups and playing in original music bands whilst following the path of Buddha Dhamma.
I graduated from The Centre For Performing Arts with a Diploma in Performance (Acting) in Adelaide, Australia, before moving to France. Drawn by a love of French writers and cinema I gained entry to and received a Diploma in Drama from Paris' L'Ecole Florent, two Certificates in Mime and Mask from L'Ecole Jacques Le Coq and later studied singing at Le Conservatoire Niedermeyer.
I worked in theatre as well as indie and short films, and wrote music with a local folk artist who later moved to Martinque. A descendant of the English Chaplin family, I received the attention and interest from Mexican artiste Bertha Dominguez whose producer husband Alexander Suskind allowed her to make art films with friends such as Peter O'Toole and Omar Shariff. I was engaged to work on Bertha's next film in Morocco; the title role in Antigone, however, I had to return to Australia for personal reasons.
While living many years in France I became a Buddhist in the Tibetan school of Kagyupa, later Drukpa-Kagyu. 
 I began performing music as the lead singer for world music group MANDALA and have worked in collaboration with the band's main song writer and multi instrumentalist ever since. 
The songs featured here are songs I have written over the past few years, combining folk songs with harmonic overtones and songs of compassion.
I have studied harmonic overtone throat singing since the mid 90s with many people; from running a weekly healing group to working with a psychotherapist in New York, using sound as a catalyst for unlocking blocked emotional paths.
I became involved in Tibet Support Group; a charitable group of Australians who worked to find sponsorships for Tibetan refugees living in India, after meeting Tara, the group's founder at a Free Tibet concert that I organised. Working with Tara we became involved with The Buddhist Society of Western Australia and started The Buddhist Society of South Australia, following the Thai Forest Tradition of Ajahn Mun through the great work of Ajahn Chah and his western disciples.
Music, singing, sound healing and writing has been my expression of wisdom and compassion within the world, my contribution to creating a better world. For me, protecting animals is a large part of that.
Animals born into the world of being farmed for their bodies to be eaten reside on the doorstep of a hell realm. Unable to understand their way of communicating, we ignorantly ignore their fear, stress, pain and terror as we abuse and exploit them. To do this to another species is as far from heaven as you can get. Violence begets violence. It ripples through the community like a disease and hides its roots in areas of barbarity and cruelty that are all too readily accepted by society at large.
We hide behind a science that lacks the technology and development to be able to measure the emotional and psychological experiences of other species and says, as we can not measure anything, therefore there is nothing to measure. 


A kinder world is possible. Our brave new world requires us to behave as though we were already in a heaven realm and act accordingly. The core virtue is a life of harmlessness and its tools are kindness, patience, non-greed, understanding and wisdom.

For those of us who have spontaneous compassion for all beings who are suffering, it is heart breaking to witness the abuse and exploitation visited upon them by others who are still caught up in the delusion of self importance and superiority.

So we continue to work for their liberation. My pathway is through writing, song writing and poetry.

May all beings be happy, may they be safe from harm and danger.

Blessings to you.